After over a decade in touring punk band, The Swellers, drummer Jonathan Diener moves from the back of the stage to the front. The songs being written at the time were for nothing more than self-medicating and moving on from the band’s breakup, but eventually the project was all about leaving your comfort zone and doing what you’ve always wanted to do with no expectations. 

As a freelance writer for several music publications, seeing things from the business side as well as creative side just fed more fuel to the flames. The idea was to embrace feelings of self-awareness and distance one's self from the toxic feelings of romanticizing nostalgia. Letting the past finally be the past. The formation of Baggage was inevitable. 

Jonathan asked his friends to start jamming and close to a year later the project evolved into something special. The band entered the studio with Marc Hudson (Taking Back Sunday, Saves The Day, Against Me!) and tracked five songs, released as Cheaper Than Therapy, an EP which helped raise money for their friend's burned down house renovations.

Since then, Baggage has been on several tours and shared the stage with Jimmy Eat World, Motion City Soundtrack, Against Me!, Piebald, Set Your Goals and many more. The following EP, The Good That Never Comes, helped raise over $1,000 for a local food and water drive in Flint as well as putting together the Not Safe To Drink compilation which made over $9,000 for the Flint Child Health & Development Fund.